Discovery Health Changes for 2016

We are pleased to announce that the contribution increase for 2016 has come through at an average increase amount of 8.6%. Discovery Health has, along with the annual increase of 8.6%, increased benefits in line with this annual increase.

These are touched on below:

  • Co-payments and deductibles have increased in line with the annual increase
  • Annual Thresholds – a 9.9% increase on the Comprehensive plans and the remaining options have increased in line with the annual increase
  • Oncology Benefit – This has remained unchanged
  • Internal Prosthesis and external appliances limit – increased in line with surgical inflation
  • MRI and CT Scans limit – increased with the Professional Tariff increase
  • Scopes are increased with the Hospital Tariff increase
  • Unlimited cover for devices used in spinal surgery through preferred providers
  • KeyCare plans – The income bands have increased by CPI +2%.

Discovery has also added some exciting new benefits and programmes as well as a brand new plan. These are touched on below:

The Smart Plan – New plan

In 2016, members can choose the Smart Plan which is a fully Digital plan, whereby members will be guided to the most appropriate healthcare providers at a far lower cost. Comprehensive hospital cover through a private network, full cover for Chronic conditions, screening and prevention benefits, maternity benefits, unlimited GP visits within the network, unlimited acute medication as well as Video call consultations are included in this plan.

Personalised Medicine Benefit – New benefit

Members will be able to access new benefits and tools aimed at the use of advances in genomics and benefits for genetic testing.

Genetic Testing

  • Members will get a 50% discount on Whole-exome screening
  • Noninvasive prenatal testing for chromosome abnormalities
  • Newborn screenings for genetic, metabolic and endocrine disorders
  • Family History Tool

This tool allows members to capture their family health history and Vitality points are awarded for doing this.

Advanced Illness Benefit (former Compassionate Care Benefit – Oncology)

  • Provides members, in their final months of life, with access to a defined basket of benefits such as pain, hydration, general nursing care and supportive care.
  • GPs specialising in end of life care will facilitate a care plan tailored to the member – medicine, oxygen and surgical requirements will be provided through MedXpress.
  • Personalised home-based care program access to home based care services as well as counselling
  • Care Coordinator

Healthy Kids – New benefit

  • Kids emergency assistance and video call benefit
  • Kids screening benefit as well as a Kids electronic health record.

KeyCare changes

  • Out of network GP consultation increased from 1 per year to 4 per year per person
  • KeyCare Plus and Access members will need to obtain authorisation for further GP visits after 15 consultations


Vitality Active Rewards

Vitality Active Rewards enhances the Vitality model to help members get more active. The program is unique to each member as it uses health and wellness data to set clinically-appropriate fitness goals, which adjust automatically based on members’ activity levels. Members can get active through a wide range of Vitality fitness partners and earn weekly rewards when they achieve their goals. They can also invite their friends to join Active Rewards and earn greater rewards when they reach their goals together. Vitality members can download the latest version of the Discovery app and activate Vitality Active Rewards.

Get rewarded

  • Weekly rewards: members receive weekly rewards – such as a free coffee or smoothie – for achieving their physical activity goal
  • Team rewards: When three or more friends in a members team also achieve their weekly goals, the member will qualify for a team reward. These rewards can be another coffee, smoothie or raw juice, or a high-value mystery reward at selected partners.
  • Free gym membership and local flights: Members can save more on their monthly gym fees based on the number of Active Rewards goals they achieve in a particular month. The extra saving is paid to members as a cash back. Members will also get Cashback on local flights which are earned based on the number of goals achieved

Please feel free to contact us should you have any queries with regards to the above.