Start earning Vitality points today and begin your journey to Gold status

Welcome to 2016! A New Year calls for a fresh start, so there is no better time to find out how healthy you are, get healthy and get rewarded with Vitality. In addition, you will earn Vitality points along the way too. Remember, if you reach Gold Vitality status this year, you will stay on Gold for the whole of 2017, and you will enjoy all the great benefits that come along with it.


If you have not yet registered – you need to register yourself on the Discovery website Once you have logged on, you need to place your cursor over the Vitality tab and click on How to Get to Gold.

Your 1st step is to do all of those online assessments – remember if you have a spouse, adult dependant or children you would need to do assessments for them as well.
Through doing these online assessments, you are awarded with the following points and it only takes about 30 minutes:

You have just been awarded with 12 500points in 30 minutes! Well done!!!

Now that you have done all of your online assessments you are able to activate your HealthyFood benefit where you get up to 25% Cash Back through Pick n Pay and Woolworths. You also earn Vitality points for buying healthy food. To activate this benefit – just scroll further down after online assessments, and click on the Buy HealthyFood tab. Vitality will take you through the steps online.