The next step to earning even more vitality points to get to gold status

I cannot believe that we are already nearly through April. It is now time for your next Step on your Vitality journey.

By now you should have already done all of your online assessments for yourself, your children as well as any adult dependants and through doing these you were able to activate your HealthyFood Benefit.

I will now take you through some additional steps and will show you how to activate your HealthyCare and HealthyGear benefits.


If you have not yet registered – you need to register yourself on

Once you have logged on, you need to place your curser over the Vitality tab and click on How to earn points. You would have already done the online assessments as we mentioned before, and are now ready to complete the Know Your Health Section.

A drop-down menu brings up a number of interactive activities, which you need to do. In the past members had to book individual appointments with providers in order to do these assessments.

Vitality has made these easier to do through visiting a Vitality Wellness Clinic, where certain of these assessments are done. The assessments, which can be done through the Wellness Clinics, are listed below:

  • Vitality Health Check– Earn up to 12 000 points
  • Vitality Fitness Assessment– Earn up to 20 000 points
  • Dietician– Earn up to 10 000 points
  • HIV testing– Earn 5 000 points

The remaining assessments can be done through the various providers as stipulated on the website.

Once you have completed the assessments at the Vitality Wellness Clinic, your Cash Backs are bumped up to 25%.

If you have not yet done so, you can now also activate the HealthyCare and HealthyGear benefits where you get 25% Cash Back from certain partners.

Get in touch if you have any questions or need help.