The next step to earning even more vitality points to get to gold status

I cannot believe that we are already nearly through April. It is now time for your next Step on your Vitality journey.

By now you should have already done all of your online assessments for yourself, your children as well as any adult dependants and through doing these you were able to activate your HealthyFood Benefit.

I will now take you through some additional steps and will show you how to activate your HealthyCare and HealthyGear benefits.
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Start earning Vitality points today and begin your journey to Gold status

Welcome to 2016! A New Year calls for a fresh start, so there is no better time to find out how healthy you are, get healthy and get rewarded with Vitality. In addition, you will earn Vitality points along the way too. Remember, if you reach Gold Vitality status this year, you will stay on Gold for the whole of 2017, and you will enjoy all the great benefits that come along with it.
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