Remuneration & Conflict Of Interest

Broker Commission is received at a legislated rate which is included in the Risk Premium while Broker Fees are received as a separate charge paid by the Client.

Binder Fees or Administration Fees which are received where outsourced services are performed on behalf of the Insurer are paid by the Insurer.

As we represent the Client but may receive income from both the Client and the Insurer we ensure that the Conflict of Interest is managed so that we at all times regard the best interest of our Clients.

Our Conflict of Interest Management Policy is available on request:


In terms of the FAIS Act Clients may lodge complaints and Branson Direct cc are committed to an effective and fair resolution of any complaints.

Compliance Officer: Robbie Stutterheim of Compliance Systems Development

Contact number: 012 661 1359 or 082 351 0318



Insurance Related Ombudsman

Ombudsman for short term insurance

Contact number 086 072 6890




FAIS Ombud

Contact number: 086 032 4766




Financial Services Board
Contact number: 0800 110 443






Contact number: 086 172 7742