Medical Aid Cover

Branson Directs’ Health Care Consulting, was established in 2006 and has become a key¬†service for our clients.

The public is not made aware of the need for a broker to look after their medical aid interests, and we have found that the majority of members have brokers handling their short term and life policies, but neglect the complicated and misunderstood medical health plans.

Our Health Care consulting servicing arm focuses on educating the members partaking in the Medical Scheme so as to ensure that they fully understand the option, which they have selected for the year. In this way, Medical Aid queries are minimised and less time is spent on non-work related issues. Our servicing team sets aside time for one-on-one member query sessions, whereby members are able to meet with the consultant individually to discuss any queries, which they might have.

Year End Revision is an extremely important part of the year, and Branson Direct pride ourselves in our approach to this. Year End Revision marketing material is sent out to our clients, and one-on-one consultations may be set up for addressing the forthcoming coming benefit enhancements and contribution increases. We assist members in selecting the correct Medical Aid options for the forth-coming year.